Link of the Worlds
29 Junho, 2013
Work in Progress
26 Setembro, 2014




Casino Estoril | 2014
"Buya Kaya ( return home/roots) , Kwela is the next stage of my journey.

I present a number of processes and topics that are interconnected, in a display of painting, video and installations.

The circle of life is perceivable only when completed, and when you are in the midst of it, it is sometimes difficult to grasp its inference as the past merely shows traces of trails, the present transitory and the ocean in front of us unknown.

Just as the wind blows away a leaf from a dreamy tree, moments, smells, relations and experiences of life, as well as their consequences, are passed without being given a thought.

Therefore we must every now and then stop, reflect and with the help of images (mental, painted, film etc.) make sense of our journey. Art is, hence, a universal map that translates into any language that can provoke many elements and dimensions, even time.

As the beginning is the end, our roots hold that truth and by returning to them and listening to their transparent voice we are offered an allusion of our existence. The reference ought to help us understand the link between time and space and most importantly our role in it. It will facilitate our understanding of which phase of life we are in and how we can use the energy from our past into the transitions that lie ahead. Thus, by accepting the precedent and present external influences and their correlation with the continuously evolving self, one is provided with a sense of identity, direction and navigation tool for the future.